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2018 Systems Thinking Symposium

The 2018 Systems Thinking Symposium highlighted the application of systems thinking to water education and outreach across the country as a starting point for application in other areas. ThinkWater Fellows and graduates of Wisconsin ThinkWater School shared their work and impact through integrated systems thinking into their program design and implementation. Based on this work, the Symposium explored the application of systems thinking into other disciplines and topics. Evaluation was provided as an example of one additional area benefitting from systems thinking, and then the question was posed, What is your Think:X? Over 300 people participated in the Symposium in-person and virtually. Recordings of all of the Symposium presentations are available on the Symposium website: The Symposium was organized by ThinkWater and funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture through agreement number 2015-68007-23213.


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